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STUDIO THOMAS PETER LUND light and architecture

The CLOVER serie is handmade in Denmark, and consists of three lamps: CLOVER ONE, CLOVER TWO and CLOVER THREE, having both common and different characteristics.

 CLOVER ONE @www.houseofbk.com

The CLOVER lamps consist of various light sensitive foil thicknesses, from the body of the lamp shines a soft and diffuse light, which is caught by the shades and illuminating their underside. The light contrast, between upper and underside of the shades combined with the body of the lamp ensures a unique visual depth.

CLOVER TWO @www.houseofbk.com

Thomas Peter Lund has created lightning projects that have been exhibited in a number of European countries as well as in USA. During several periods Thomas Peter Lund has lived and worked in Berlin and Malmö while creating a large part of his works.

 GLOVER THREE @www.houseofbk.com

Thomas Peter Lund also participates in architectural and urban projects that are formed on the basis of customized team of multidisciplinary experts from several creative professions, with a focus on activation of untapped potential. His works do not only contain the visual expression but should rather be seen as storage of historic and contemporary layers of lightning theory whose basic issues are investigated and reinterpreted.

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