tirsdag den 30. december 2014

Time to reflect! 2014 is nearly over and 2015 soon to begin

House of Bæk & Kvist is still in its tender birth, which means that we have learned a lot by taking some big chances, and sometimes the going gets rough.

We learned the hard way, and still learning, however we stand up quickly,  and focus on the fun and great success that we also have. We have moved to a new location which is a big swift both physically and mentally, but it means that House of Bæk & Kvist now have a great foundation for further development. 

In 2015 we look forward to present our showroom, a lot of product news, a new website and to look out more internationally.

We wish you all a happy new year, and let this be our last comment here on our blog in 2014: “You never fail until you stop trying” Albert Einstein

 Best Regards & Happy New Year.

House of Bæk & Kvist ApS
Allan & Mille

PS. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

 House of Bæk & Kvist

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