fredag den 18. januar 2013

Tibetan Lambskins

New Year's is often the time of year when we all take stock of the year that's passed.

It's also the time when we evaluate our expectations for the upcoming year

It's been quite a busy and eventful year. Many positive things have happened and even more are on their way for 2013. Throughout most of 2012 we've been working on finding new suppliers, among other things. 

This is starting to pay off through lots of exciting new items –
and we can't wait to present them all to you!  

The first ones have already started trickling into our webshop and will be ready for delivery to you ASAP.  These include the most amazing Tibetan lambskins in new soft colours

Allan & Mille


Klik på logoet for at komme direkte til webshoppen - her kan du også tilmelde dig nyhedsbrevet.

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